I’ve Listened to These Recently…

…and became entangled in their rock tentacles.

Artist: Sunn O))) and Boris
Album: Altar
Format: 3xLP

Take an angry, nihilistic cat and place it in a pillowcase. Throw it in a small cage housing a lion that hasn’t eaten for a week. Watch, and listen, and be dumbfounded at the sounds. When the calamity settles roll around in the sounds of chewing and satisfaction. From the perspective of the meal, it is a dark day, indeed. From the predator, a goal achieved. Yes, this album is beautiful and dark. Fucking black.

Artist: Nirvana
Album: In Utero
Format: LP

Yes, the same one. It is always nice to revisit places from the annals of memory. Where were you when blasting “Serve the Servants” on shitty headphones? When you rolled your eyes at the ludicrous closer “All Apologies”? Go back to it and remember why it was so good the first time. Albini’s tinny production doesn’t hurt, either.

Artist: Thrones
Album: Day Late, Dollar Short
Format: 2xLP

Joe Preston has climbed the creepy ladder to the top rung. This collection of splits/7″s/unreleased material threatens to distort the mind into relearning everything you thought you knew about music. It’s anarchic, fumbling madness that, by the end, manages to straighten itself out enough the listen to it again. It is worth it just for the cover of the Who’s “A Quick One…”

Artist: Death Breath
Album: Let it Stink
Format: MP3

As the zombie Frankenstein suggests, this is filthy death metal. With song titles like “Giving Head to the Dead”, “Maimed and Slaughtered”, and “Twisted in Distaste” you know you’re in for a pizza party like no other. Lo-fi enough to remain raw but clean enough to be listenable, Let it Stink will surely bring a smile to your vomiting mouth.


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