I’ve Listened to These Recently…

…and became entangled in their rock tentacles. Artist: Sunn O))) and Boris Album: Altar Format: 3xLP Take an angry, nihilistic cat and place it in a pillowcase. Throw it in a small cage housing a lion that hasn’t eaten for a week. Watch, and listen, and be dumbfounded at the sounds. When the calamity settles … Continue reading

I’ve Listened to This Recently…

…and became relieved when I realized that I hadn’t, actually, missed out on an important time in music history.* Artist: Spoon Album: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Format: LP The cleanest people are the dirtiest. Priests with their little boys. Young, horny teachers and their students. Songwriters living on the fray of acceptable that get … Continue reading

Hamburger in the Bucket

Recently had the opportunity to perform the encore for the legendary comedian Neil Hamburger at the Lakeshore Theater here in Chicago. I took it.

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Writing That I Don’t Put Here

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