They Publish My Pictures…

…but I can’t seem to get a freelance job writing. Hmmm. Switch goals? Never. Check out the chicagoist post. Advertisements

Environment: Stolen

I have described, complained, and stared at that building. (“Bill” and I were staring at it when he made this comment.) There are pictures and musings. And somehow I still can’t get over how it, or they, have become a part of my life (the picture on the header is the same as you see … Continue reading

Environment: Quiet

When the temperature reaches up and grabs 95 degrees by the scrotum, everyone winces in pain. Passers-by growl and glare in wet, stinky rags. Smiles that, as recently as Sunday, well-wished and laughed over a coffee now remain silent and sucking on water. The air is thick with it yet everyone still craves it. The … Continue reading

There Are Days, and There Are Days.

I decided to jump into Lake Michigan last night. I lept from a three to four foot tall iron platform only to realize that the water is roughly one foot deep. My foot was the body part that took most of the grunt. I thought it would be okay, so I walked home on it. … Continue reading

Skulls are Metal, But Only to a Certain Extent

Owning a human skull would be interesting, a conversation piece. Friends would say, “Well, that’s something,” and acquaintances would probably leave. The authorities would have something else to say. After all is said and done, it just wouldn’t be worth it. Creepy art is better, and less news-worthy. So why can the upper crust have … Continue reading