I’ve Listened to This Recently…

…and thought that I already knew the most evil people on the planet.

Artist: Genghis Tron
Album: Dead Mountain Mouth
Format: 12″

Drums machines and metal. SYL have done it. Anaal Nathrakh as well. It seems a likely combination. This way the metal waitresses at Guitar Center can have a band, right? Well, the idea seems ludicrous. I don’t like electronic music, for the most part, and I don’t like people trying to change something that sounds so pure and so unattainable in it’s purest form.

I stand beside myself. I stand beside myself masturbating to the sounds of Genghis Tron. (I hate the name…but, eh.)

When the record first churned the noise, I thought, “Oh no, great more Canadians. All of a sudden, somewhere in the near vicintiy, angels were being raped. They were being raped while enjoying the boggie-woogie of a rave next to the Black Sea.

Screaming/pure cacophony tells a listener about Racebannon. Extended breakdowns speak about their times in Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. (They were never actually in the band.) Huh, mercy.

As you pass through the record, with sword and shield in hand of course, you come upon rests…warm clearings in the metal to enjoy the sunshine. The heart slows and the situations become less volatile.

But, Kurt Ballou enters into the picture and you realize that you’ve come face to face with the most dangerous metal producer south of the Arctic Circle. If No Heroes didn’t shake your world up enough, or you want more, sink your fangs around Death Mountain Mouth.





Oh, if only reviewing something of this nature could be as easy. Everything points to yes. Imagine Refused’s “The Shape of Punk to Come” standing next to you as you listen to what it’s prediction came to mean.

Mean being the keyword here.

Mean metal. Mean stance on life.

You can do you your damndest to get over life, but until you hear this you haven’t Done Anything.

Style: Metal

Score: A

Goods: Existing.

Bads: Genghis Tron is something that is asexual. It’s a shame. Becasuse I’ve found my partner.


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