I’ve Listened to This Recently…

…and didn’t remember when they became so relaxed.

Artist: Queens of the Stone Age
Album: Era Vulgaris
Format: CD

When you pick up lead, you expect it to be heavy. When you punch someone, you expect to be punched back. When you pick up a Queens of the Stone Age record, you expect to be rocked. Simply rocked.

Over-thinking a situation can make it complicated. When you have a guitar riff, you should build off of it. It seems that ye olde Queense built something worth talking about and then added and added and added instruments until it became so complicated that the original idea was suffocated. So many keyboards. So many effects. So many slow songs.

Maybe some sobering up has happened, some self reflection. It would be new territory for the Queens, and it sounds like it. They’re not comfortable. Nervousness packs the songs to the gills with unneeded noisemaking; each and every one cluttered, deadpan, and discount bin worthy.

Yes, the rock is here. You just have to go to the bottom of the hole that they’ve dug themselves in to find it.

Style: Rock

Score: D

Goods: Clean production.

Bads: It’s reminiscent of going back to your hometown and running into an old friend. He’s tells you that he’s different and he’s into all this “new shit”, but really he’s just stuck in a rut.

One Response to “I’ve Listened to This Recently…”
  1. markob says:

    I saw them on the Henry Rollins Show. I liked the tune they played on the show, but the one on IFC.com not as much. Bummer.

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