I’ve Listened to This Recently…

…and thought that I already knew the most evil people on the planet. Artist: Genghis Tron Album: Dead Mountain Mouth Format: 12″ Drums machines and metal. SYL have done it. Anaal Nathrakh as well. It seems a likely combination. This way the metal waitresses at Guitar Center can have a band, right? Well, the idea … Continue reading

I’ve Listened to This Recently…

…and didn’t remember when they became so relaxed. Artist: Queens of the Stone Age Album: Era Vulgaris Format: CD When you pick up lead, you expect it to be heavy. When you punch someone, you expect to be punched back. When you pick up a Queens of the Stone Age record, you expect to be … Continue reading

Decisions Are Made Every Day

The day before was warm, sweat warm. Overnight everything changed. It was now 60 degrees and threatening to rain. A friend recently referred to Chicago as a “cold rat box”. I am learning to understand that. Inside of a cab. One of the kind that I like. No talking. No radio. Silence. Get out of … Continue reading

A Prayer From the Child of the WORLD

As you pray for the family of Reverend Jerry Falwell, also remember these kind folks: IMAGE DELETED DUE TO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Children with Epidermolysis Bullosa Your skin rubs off like peanut butter from a bread knife. You took a misstep against the coffee table. Not because you’re drunk, but because you’re nine and have Epidermolysis … Continue reading

In Case You Didn’t Get the Email…

…here is the link to my first article. True Norwegian Black Metal. Enjoy it more than (turns out) my Mother did.

People Are Wonderful

Here are a few excerpts from the official beliefs of The Family International: Angels: We believe that God created an innumerable company of sinless spiritual beings known as angels (a word which literally means “messengers”). Angels are powerful immortal beings whom the Lord has assigned to watch over Man, especially to protect and to minister … Continue reading

Jobs I’ve Had In My Life, pt. 1

Jobs are something that you have to do, except in rare circumstances. I’ve had a few. I’ve had quite a few that were intolerable. This is the chronological order the best that I can remember: 1. Lil’ Orbits It was the summer of 1992. I was 14 years old. If you know me, even halfway, … Continue reading