Getting Older, Settling Down.

My schedule constantly shouts in my face, “You’re old! Why so early to bed? What does the morning have that you need so much?” I have no answers. I have only excuses. “Well, I need to fix my sink.” “I like to drink coffee and watch the birds.” “I don’t want to sleep the day away.”

I am getting old. I creak and yawn much longer than needed. I constantly worry about sleeping. I worry about digestion and getting my vitamins.

I don’t worry about being alone. You see, I don’t care.

I like going to the bar at 4:00pm. That way I am home at a descent hour. I like getting up early. I can enjoy the sun. And I tell myself that no one else is up then.

Worrying about getting old is just another goddamn lie to get over, maybe. Or maybe I don’t really care about this either.

One Response to “Getting Older, Settling Down.”
  1. Fidel Ramos says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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