Empty Stomach and Full On Hallucinations

The pleasure of being sick. Lying here popping Nyquil LiquiCaps and rediscovering my taste for electronic music. Machine made highs couple with machine made music lovingly. Luckily, on what I didn’t know would be Flu Eve, I cleaned my room top to bottom. Removed the painter’s tape that straightened the Iced Lemonade walls against the Arctic Snow ceiling. All the stuff that was stored in there (boxes of clothes, VHS tapes, hi8 tapes that I refuse to throw away even though I don’t have a hi8 camera, video games for a system that I don’t have, etc.) have been relocated to my dining room where it will wait for a nicer day to take the rest of the journey down to the storage unit. All that remains in the room is a bed, a table, a lamp, and a plant. It can be quite disconcerting while ‘Quillin and going in and out of consciousness but the cleanliness overshadows all uncertainties. Now there’s room for the truly haunting Soundtracks to my Sickness:

Planningtorock: A Berlin woman, named Janine Rostron, that has made a goddamn frightening, lovely masterpiece entitled Have It All. Think vaudeville starring one-eyed crows driving down the Autobahn.

Joakim: A French guy who makes really relaxing, melodic electronic music.

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  1. […] discovered Joakim a few years ago while bed-ridden with a flu of sorts. My Nyquil-soaked brain was thirsting […]

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