This Weekend, My Place.

Solstice Eve Plans? So now that we’re old hands at getting up an hour early, we should have no problem heralding (ok, maybe for some of us just intellectually) spring. Although it’s been years since I attended a proper Wiccan potluck, I’ve noticed a few other rite-heavy events circulating. If you’re tabling your sage for … Continue reading

Getting Older, Settling Down.

My schedule constantly shouts in my face, “You’re old! Why so early to bed? What does the morning have that you need so much?” I have no answers. I have only excuses. “Well, I need to fix my sink.” “I like to drink coffee and watch the birds.” “I don’t want to sleep the day … Continue reading

Prescription For a Hard Days Work.

1. Buy a six pack of beer. Grab one and hold it. A relaxing one. A liberating one. That one. Listen to the Pssssssssst! and know that the day is over. That first sip. The night is here. And it is time to take it back. Let the first sip wet your lips in a … Continue reading

Empty Stomach and Full On Hallucinations

The pleasure of being sick. Lying here popping Nyquil LiquiCaps and rediscovering my taste for electronic music. Machine made highs couple with machine made music lovingly. Luckily, on what I didn’t know would be Flu Eve, I cleaned my room top to bottom. Removed the painter’s tape that straightened the Iced Lemonade walls against the … Continue reading