I’ve Listened to This Record…

…with friends in the room and I still nearly shit myself.

Artist: Converge
Album: No Heroes
Format: 12″

The first three songs clock in under five minutes. A lot of damage can happen in that time, mind you. After that it trails into riff after riff. There were times that I was frightened, times when I laughed, and times when I was completely perplexed at the sounds coming out of the guitar.

I think it was a guitar.

But then you get to the tail of the first side. Some guest metal singer wailing about this or that…hubbub. Hell…after I felt like I’ve been aurally raped the last thing I need is lotion. I need more goddamn action.

That’s what side B is for. For a while.

Good. Punishment.

Then there’s the breakdown where hes’s talking about living with guilt and pain and how he wants to die. That’s fine…but don’t stop the music to make those half ass lyrics more “poignant” or “meaningful”. They sound a little “pussy”.

I would buy it again, though.

Style: Metal

Score: B

Goods: Goddamn they kill, bro.

Bads: Sometimes you have to go into the 7th grade locker room to hear it.

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