I’ve Listened to This Record…

…while doing a number of things.

Artist: Destroyer
Album: Destroyer’s Rubies
Format: 12″

I smiled at the dickhead riff opening Destroyer’s Rubies. And I smiled throughout the entire record. Such bold statements and melody play would make shitting your pants after an all-night heroin binge an enjoyable experience.

Dan Bejar reaches into the weirdest places and brings out the last thing we would expect from them. I thought of the premiere of the electric Bob Dylan except that it was a wounded David Bowie backed by the echelon of college musicians from Nevada State.

Style: Blues from the year 2047

Score: A

Goods: The questions that it asks. And then the answers that it later gives.

Bads: If I was alone with Dan Bejar, I do not know what he would do.

2 Responses to “I’ve Listened to This Record…”
  1. sealegs says:

    god you are so easily impressed. what’s next, huh? interpol?

    you fag. LISTEN TO BILL FAY

  2. I just picked up Yellowcard’s new one. The use of the violin is astounding. Truly.

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