I’ve Listened to This Record…

…recently because i’ve been needing a reason to feel that this is an important time in history to be living in.

Artist: The Knife
Album: Silent Shout
Format: 12″

The Knife. A brother sister duo out of the barren cold. Simplistic, dark electronic that only sounds good coupled with the purr of a motor. A record to put on when everything else has, probably, fallen apart.

Images invoke terrible nightmares, unwanted situations, and fog machines that leave you scrambling for the exit. Uncomfortable to the point of addiction. Familiar sounds rearranged to the point of having a fresh scent to it. The first few listens filling your mind with more questions than notes.

That’s when you realize what an important record you are listening to.

This is music that is dangerous. Music with the potential to give you a hangover.

Imagine a Casio becoming possessed and spilling unholy ditties in the night. Or your drunk uncle applying a silly, frightening soundtrack to your own slaying.

Good god, I want to take it off but I can’t.

Style: Minimalist Techno-Pop
Score: A-

Goods: The rare “barren-cold” feeling of the first listen.

Bads: I can’t help but think that this is the Pet Shop Boys drunk and scary.

One Response to “I’ve Listened to This Record…”
  1. sealegs says:

    i’d really like to hear your opinion od smog’s newish “a river aint too big to love”. the second track, really.

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