I’ve Listened to This Record…

…recently because I’m on vacation. And I’ve locked myself in.

Artist: The Walkmen

Album: A Hundred Miles Away

Format: 12″

I realized a long time ago that the Walkmen’s music was full of despair, emptiness, and sad revelry.

This is their first installment in complete apathy.

Reckless abandon fill the tracks, appropriately titled Emma, Get Me a Lemon, Don’t Get Me Down (Come On Over Here), and Another One Goes By. Simple, early-rhythmic drumming/percussion exudes a marching quality. Thumping with a purpose. Percussive waves piercing the pores, and only the pores. All 1600 of them.

The voice loose in an anarchic netherworld. Two guitars trying to stay alive until the end. Sometimes three. Organ and bass living together in sin.

This is truly what America has come to.

I can only think of history in a large, for real circle. They’ve used instruments and talent to produce something otherworldly. An achievement that makes you rethink everything else you can remember hearing.

It’s sunny outside and Always After You comes on and you remember why you started drinking alone in the first place.

A hooked piece of cardboard made for a doorknob that simply read “Leave Me Alone” inserted in the album sleeve would have made it perfect.

Style: New Age of Rock N’ Roll
Score: A

Goods: Complete abandon of what a listenable, enjoyable rock record should be.
Bads: They’re not playing live in my living room right now.


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