The Smell Outside Hints at Southern Indiana Country Air, pt.3

Two years ago I visited Southern Indiana for, what I didn’t know then, the last time. The road to my parent’s house, Tunnelton Road, seemed narrower than I remembered. It was like seeing pants that I wore as a toddler. Now that I am much larger, how did these legs fit into those? Blind curves … Continue reading

Thank You

A small gift from my friend, Hipster Pit.

Breathe in the Clean Air

The calm of the click-clack keys slows one heart and dries the sweat. A warm day to walk the nighttime blocks. No yelling. A sigh from the city, finally. A rabbit burrowing into the ground to feel the warm rain wet the earth and cover it like a blanket. Steady falling and steady sleep. An … Continue reading

Another Weekend, Another…Music Festival?

Its just too easy. When you leave work at 2:30pm and have a VIP pass in your pocket, why not go to Lollapolooza for the afternoon? After all, with this pass one has free booze, free food, and wonderful views of the shows. Wonderful views meaning raised platforms on the sides of the stage away … Continue reading