Burn the Drinking Fucker

A new desert asking for rain and getting Dr. Pepper. Mariah, the loneliest girl in the class, raped in the shower by her P.E. teacher.

Starving for weeks crushed by the delivery of food from an airplane.

A scream in the mountains.

Beating the ground that doesn’t respond and can’t hear a fucking thing.

Performing to an audience expecting something else.

Jumping off a thirty story roof into NOTHING.

The clockmakers ensure that you won’t stop. The god makes sure you won’t forget.

The eyes won’t stop looking and the teeth won’t stop their chat-chat-chattering.

You’re in a world of noise, my friend, and those muzzles aren’t being made anymore.

It won’t stop. It can’t stop, unless everything burns.

But that won’t happen.

You purchased a bed but have yet to make it. The mess of sheets reflects the inhabitants of the house tossing and turning those sheets. A golden sunrise brings nightmares where the dark of night is lacking. Get up get out while you can.

Sleep is frightful and conciousness is hell.

You’ll drop off soon.

You can’t do anyhting else.

In sleep you fail.

In life you just don’t know.

One Response to “Burn the Drinking Fucker”
  1. kate says:

    i miss you too much

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