115 Degrees of Music Festival

All morning I thought to myself, “Why wouldn’t I hand over twenty bucks to see music that I adore?”. So I did just that. Like 70,000 other people. The Pitchfork Music Festival. Snobby shits that wrote reviews for snobby shits booked snobby shows for the snobby shits. Cheap tickets, unmissable lineup. It is wonderful being … Continue reading

The Heat of Breath. It Feels, and Stinks, Like That.

With each step I feel heat. Walking on air. Like doing push-ups on a ship sailing the sun. No relief. No worries. I like it, as a whole. People are nuts in the heat, though. Actually nuts. The Pecan bows to tie her shoe and falls over. Her ass in the air looks like two … Continue reading

Not Only Do You Have to Pay $7.75 for a Pack of Cigarettes…

…you have to walk through Chicago to get them. It is 11:00pm and the neighborhood is just waking up. There’s a gang of twenty-something black males lined up on the curb. Police cars block both streets. No lights. Certain ones are unhandcuffed and pulling at their necklines. White T-shirts stretch a great deal. “What gang … Continue reading

Currently, the Humidity is 50%. Danger is at a Stifling 98%.

9:30am I felt wonderful. 11:00am I felt horrible. Eventually I found myself on Amber’s porch. She hadn’t returned home from work yet. I brought a few beers and a guitar so I sat and relaxed. I wasn’t about to pass that fucking dog again. I had attempted to cross the yard and ascend three floors … Continue reading

The Tying Thread

In all of the apartments that I’ve had in Chicago one thing remains the same. Public transportation. Rather, falling in love with women on the public transit system. The CTA. Since being here, I’ve lived in a walk-in closet, a studio with an ex-girlfriend’s ex-roommate, a half-rehabbed crackhouse, and a gem of a place that … Continue reading

Burn the Drinking Fucker

A new desert asking for rain and getting Dr. Pepper. Mariah, the loneliest girl in the class, raped in the shower by her P.E. teacher. Starving for weeks crushed by the delivery of food from an airplane. A scream in the mountains. Beating the ground that doesn’t respond and can’t hear a fucking thing. Performing … Continue reading

These Worries, These Songs

The grandmother that won’t stop. The ones that do the impossible. Eyes that light up the room and show you how to get out. A soul that feeds not on your’s but on the radiance that you’ve always hoped you exuded. An eternal soul not afraid of dying. A life so alive that, when speaking, … Continue reading

The Smell Outside Hints at Southern Indiana Country Air, pt.2

I looked down and saw the velcro straps of my high tops not threaded through the plastic-lined holes but jutting out like a bayonette to the side. It was the style of the time. That’s how Doogie did it. I was looking down because I was crying, sobbing, because of an F I recieved on … Continue reading

The Smell Outside Hints at Southern Indiana Country Air, pt.1

The summer air brought clean oxygen and thoughts about Southern Indiana. The smell was similar. Barbeque. Sweat. Cigarettes. If it weren’t for the people, I might still be there. Limestone capital of the world. Home of astronauts, legendary High School basketball players, cheap homemade drugs containing battery acid, youth groups, quarry jumping, teen pregnancy, and … Continue reading

Camping, Pizza, (Real) Smurfs, a Flea Market, and Danger.

(Dreamt on 2/14/06) The step down from the large SUV was a great one. As many health problems that both of my parents deal with it seems an odd choice for a vehicle. Complaints and groans rumble out with swollen ankles and barley used running shoes hitting the ground. The slamming of the door sounds … Continue reading