Blurry Hazes of Days

The green and brown mix in her eyes and I gaze in wonder. Growing up in the country and spending time alone. Now with her. So many teeth in that smile and none in mine.

A friend gone for eight plus years. Out of nowhere, in a $3 million condo showing me a view of the lake, the south side, and the west side from a single room. Describing the collection of shotguns and a dislike for fat people. “Nice is okay, but it only goes so far. You should come over to dinner sometime.”

In a week, a living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and back porch (lets not forget the entryway and hallway) will be mine. Populated by my stench. Hanging like a twenty-eight year calendar. Xing out the days until New Year’s Eve. Over. Memorial Day is today. Boxing Day, I will be admitted to the hospital. Independence Day I will have my first testicular cancer scare and Thanksgiving I will be rendered speechless.

Herbal tea like blood on my chest…prosthetic elbow vibrating like a cell phone, dancing to the edge of the table to its and the conversation’s death.

“I’ve got my hands full most of the time.” -The Walkmen

One Response to “Blurry Hazes of Days”
  1. sealegs says:

    “So many teeth in that smile and none in mine.”

    i love this. i’m working on an awesome book called “beware of god” – i’ll mail it to you when i’m done.

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