Toying With Magic and Relocating

Describing my excitement of finding a new apartment to an employee of mine, I stated my newfound need for a dog.

“The apartment is huge. There’s a dog living there now…and, you know, it seemed right. I’m thinking about a boxer. I like the name…it makes me think of classic southpaws or something…but their demeanor, so gentle and playful. Ugly enough to love it almost unconditionally.”

“What would you name it?”

“Ruff ‘N Stuff. That way it could say it’s name.” I shook my head side to side and said, “Rrrrrrruffnstuff. Rrrrrrr.”

Blankly looking at me, she said, “You’ll have to get it to talk first.”

“Well, yes, I know. It’ll be hard. But then, I’ll inject it with MAGIC!”

She walked away.

I wondered what my employees thought of their new boss. Instead of caring, I envisioned injecting a boxer with green fluid and standing back to look at the spakles flashing around its body as it spun quickly in a transforming tornado…hovering slightly in the air and then landing on the floor, looking at me, smiling, and saying, “Rrrrrrrruffnstuff.” I hug him, go to the couch, and turn on our favorite video.

2 Responses to “Toying With Magic and Relocating”
  1. sealegs says:

    that first picture is ruining my life

  2. RJ says:

    Yo. I heard your store today on eight forty eight, but I didn’t hear you.

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