“Two Hands and Three Holes Out the Door”

Two tickets. Free. The Last Great Man of American Letters will be in front of me, in my ears, my head. John Updike. The creator of Rabbit. Tickets are no longer available. If you WANT WANT WANT to go, my other ticket is free. But you have to give me an excuse good enough to … Continue reading

“You’re a Good Kid, You Just Make Bad Decisions.” -My Father

Sitting at the dining room table looking at my winnings. Texas Hold ‘Em. The other players are actors talking about themselves and quoting. I sit silent nickel and diming them to a saloon death. Hand after hand, luck shines on my greedy smile like 3 6 Mafia Oscar Bling Teeth. Yes, you fucker. Raise me. … Continue reading

Blurry Hazes of Days

The green and brown mix in her eyes and I gaze in wonder. Growing up in the country and spending time alone. Now with her. So many teeth in that smile and none in mine. A friend gone for eight plus years. Out of nowhere, in a $3 million condo showing me a view of … Continue reading

The Shit Eyes of Love, pt. 2

Courtney and I moved in together three months ago based solely on our decision that we felt that we were ready for it, mentally and physically (“It just feels right.” were the words that she used). We found a place on a small residential street in an “up-and-coming” section of town, according to the girl … Continue reading

The Shit Eyes of Love, pt. 1*

Biting my face like a cannibal, the wind rips a newspaper off of the sidewalk and plants it firmly onto my left shin. I look down and read a headline that is moving forward and backward that says “Delaney Pleads His Innocence; Many Doubt”. The cigarette burning in my gloved hand nears the end of … Continue reading

Toying With Magic and Relocating

Describing my excitement of finding a new apartment to an employee of mine, I stated my newfound need for a dog. “The apartment is huge. There’s a dog living there now…and, you know, it seemed right. I’m thinking about a boxer. I like the name…it makes me think of classic southpaws or something…but their demeanor, … Continue reading

A Birthday Remembered, Forgotten

A new apartment. A time with friends. A blackout. A good decision to take the day off work. A hope that everything will find it’s place.

There’s No Room for Dreams in Reality or How to Confuse Helpful People

Lack of deep sleep is begining to settle my mind and perceptions in a hazy world. Innocents beside me on the train make me cautious. Cigarettes aren’t tasting good. Food isn’t needed. Jokes escape me and my comments, serious comments, make people laugh. The COO of my company was talking to me about shelving in … Continue reading

Cold Night With the Gentle Mad Jack

Not having a day off in a few weeks coupled with waking at 5:00am every morning leaves me aching for bed at early hours. Nine is pushing it. I would rather not see the double digits. I pine the sky to give me darkness so I can justify closing my eyes. Waking up has turned … Continue reading