Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, hey you, Fuck, Or a Vacation in Colors; pt. 5

Eight o’clock. “Time to head out,” dad said. They are driving me back to Charlotte, NC, where I flew in and will fly out in the morning. At 6:00am. I am staying at the Days Inn outside of the airport because driving me there in the morning would conflict with their church schedule. To the … Continue reading

Goddamn It…

He came back. With extremely puffy toes and fingers.

This Goddamn Vacation, Or a Vacation in Colors; pt.4

Walking into my parent’s house, I looked around and dragged in what I could (they moved here only a year ago…I want to drag inside what I know…what I can feel or relate to…)…and I see a girl on the couch that I know, somehow. Oh, no. What? Really? The girl on the couch is … Continue reading

Umbrella Means Dry Head, Wet Legs

The rain fell like a quilt of spring. I smoked and smoked and walked the side streets home. The darkness made the drops light up in streetlights. Glancing up, I knew which way to angle my umbrella. I had to hold the cigarette close to my mouth to keep it from getting wet. I worried … Continue reading