What Sunday Morning Means NOW

Bloody Marys at home with a clown skewer. Fuckin’ rock. Advertisements

One of the Many Defintions of Loneliness, or a Vacation in Colors; pt.3

Lil’ Knuckles drove me to my parent’s house in South Carolina, as I stated before. Adventures on the highway…I was smiling…we got lost. I asked directions at the record store (that I remebered from before for having an AMAZING metal record selection) and she (the clerk) told me to go the waythat we were travelling…just … Continue reading

5,000 Things That Run Through My Head When You’re There…But When You’re Not…Hell, It’s As Clear As a Swedish Sunrise.

I always thought that my words held volume. It was until someone held a boggle timer up to my scenarios that I thought twice about the validity of my sentences. Nothing was lies…but was anyhting important? I will put together the Vacation Part Three soon enough…it’s just the part that deals with my parents…it’ll take … Continue reading

Just a Few Tweaks…

…one being change that jersey. No more Patriots…no, no, no…fuck Boston. Yeah, that’s it. Put on the Colts jersey. Okay, now don’t start drinking…and, you’re not Canadian, are you? No? Good. That’s a plus. Well, you’ve got all the other tools that you’ll need: -The best offense since the days of the eighties Dolphins. -A … Continue reading

A Vacation in Colors; pt.2

Lil’ Knuckles, Apple, and that girl that I don’t remember her name had a splendid time on Thursday night. We drank beer and more beer and then everyone gave up on the beer to bike home or play lesbian guitar…but I drank more beer. Listening to Lil’ Knuckles’ songs kept me entranced…so much that I … Continue reading

A Vacation in Colors; pt.1

On a side note…I wrote a song tonight that is going to be on EVERYONE’S playlist in 2007. It’s called… (I Took the) Headphones Out of Your Butthole Airports, airports, airports. I will never get used to them. HUGE cylindrical houses of danger, doom, and prevention. The man behind me couldn’t understand why he couldn’t … Continue reading

Good Morning, Celestial Bodies

Near-death in a hospital bed. I am looking at myself and wondering why, when it is finally semi-warm in Chicago, is it gray? The things mulling in my head like wine: -My mother calling me at work saying how she is sooooo excited to see me this weekend…but…would it be okay if I stayed in … Continue reading

A New You

I’ve come here. Free blogs…great idea…until they start adding entries for you that are impossible to delete. I have nothing to say right now. Except hello. All my old blogs are available here: We’ll Miss Mister Buckets There are some great things on people overdosing in my old bathroom, scaring people away, and monkeys smoking … Continue reading